with our backing

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And, bearing in mind the little minute and half from Kucinich, I wonder... did anyone hear or see Donny bloviating about this?

I'll spare you the links to the remnant antiwar left cleverisms about what country we'll next invade. They're too dismal and, actually also hubristic, to bear, and they're just, as usual, talking as though they're Einsteins as they pontificate about the dirt obvious.

My question, or my statement, here, is, again, do you imagine Donny is in control of this? It's not that I'm trying to keep you from hating him or being embarrassed about him. It's that I'm trying to point out that there is a rogue government and if you don't want to go beat the shit out of your "representatives", maybe you might be thinking of ways to encourage them to fix this?

I don't know. Probably won't work to remind them their pusillanimity is costing millions of human lives. They're used to that. But maybe if you remind them that Americans don't put America at stake, letting our children be killed or killers for private interests, and their continued willingness to debauch and kill our troops should be brought to a halt. If they're not willing to die to stop it, what business do they have sending our youngsters to go die not stopping it?

Maybe huge campaigns against every single politician who's not vociferously calling out the "deep state" psychopaths, arresting them and putting them in jail...?

pipe up any time....