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This will be why the subject is being changed to immigration. Who are we going to get to clearly articulate why "liberals" have been doing everything to facilitate mobs of illegal immigrants and to thwart all enforcement efforts at the border. Those extra seats and electoral votes... which also really does explain why we've been hearing all these weird excuses for the dreaded FEMA camps over the last thirty years.

I remember dedicated progressives being SO vexed by the refusal of the Democratic Party to do anything about making elections fraud-proof... just COULD NOT grok why that would be. Didn't like my answer for why that would be, but it was the only cogent guess and, again, it turns out that the loopy explanation Republicans gave for the FEMA camps turns out to be most likely true.

Again, the R-words at least didn't bother to lie... while not exactly telling the whole truth... because, you know, if they start telling you the whole truth they lose their wedge issues. Without those there is no intellect-erasing polemic. Without the intellect-erasing polemic the people who own both parties can't beat The People in every goddam election.

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