allies only allied for pay and by coercion

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They are freaking out now about being made to pay to keep "American" Empire — the globalist agenda — in place. WE have been made to pay to keep all of Europe and Canada and Australia and all the places with "our" bases on side — on psychopath side — for a seriously-long time.

It's all worked out that they get the perks only if they cooperate, and whatever form of pushbutton mayhem Soros can dish out if they don't.

Well, we can't pay for it anymore. Maybe Soros still can, but We The People are busted flat broke and every penny is going to paying off debt.

So Trump trying to make us solvent again is rustling everyone's panties big time, and sane people are calling this action for what it is. Right here is some proof there are conservatives who see the "folly" of the psychopaths' big operation. I wonder if these "allies" want the psychopaths' global government as badly as they've been made to seem... and this way, I guess we are going to see.

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