almost doesn't bear mentioning again

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I remember reading in Harper's Magazine thirty years ago that a huge part of our social ills was directly attributable to the lack of public squares, of places people could regularly meet friends and make friends, make community. It's been reiterated in a million different ways, ad nauseam, over these decades, and it only gets worse.

Sure, lots of us excel at being alone, prefer it, but way too many do not handle it well... at... all. Think of all the freaking nihilists in their parents' basements. They are legion, and only get relief by out nihilizing each other online... and... well, too often finally propelling them out the door to DO SOMETHING about it... something not good.

Even devoted hermits want company sometimes... the good kind. We give each other chi. Do you notice that? Do you notice that the good kind of company actually fills up your life force instead of draining it? I do.

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