an epic and factual rant from a young man

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I thought listening to this was going to leave me feeling miserable, but it ended up making me happy. The kid's points — despite the colorfully insulting ways he puts them — are pristine. I'm not just saying this because he's making all my points, just waaay more forcefully. I'm saying it because we live in Mindfuckistan, mental conditioning so deeply grooved into us we have GREAT difficulty discerning truth.

He made this rant last year, and it does not seem to have made a dent, notwithstanding the purity of his intent and the beauty of his position and the indelible delivery. THAT is depressing.

It's definitely worth all your attention. Man up. Drink some coffee. Listen to him.

I don't know what he did before or since, and I don't care.

Other than the fact that this whole "immigration" thing, beside needing fixing very, very badly, is only Democrats turning on their virtue machine to bamboozle us idiots again, using the moment of our greatest attention to matters civic — the exposure of corruption in the Obama administration — to launch it, there is this pristine rant from a rageaholic who uses facts like love razors.


As a related aside, it just hit me this morning why California is a refuge state when it's too expensive for even its natives and nearly lifelong residents already. When we're being forced out or onto the streets already by the outright ludicrous real estate market that leaves NO space for "affordable housing".

The increase in House seats and electoral votes, never mind "voter fraud" and election fraud, makes it irresistible to the power-mad. Ignore the squalor and misery of the people. Those added seats and Electoral College votes are The Big Stick. Who but a psychopath would decide to increase our population so much without ANY provision beyond prison or the street or medicalized limbo for those who can't pay these prices.

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