charlatans make a living

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Off memorizing stuff from decades ago and talking about it as though it's all a product of their own insights and researches of primary sources. Vast amounts of it came from Mae... who NEVER gets credited. Just listen to her. Shit you thought only recently came to light, because some charlatan just mentioned it recently, has been out there for all of us for a long time.

How deeply can you know something?

More deeply than just rounding up a bunch of books by conspiracy investigative geniuses and the frauds who try to pose as them... who too often end up only having convinced you that truth is anything but. More deeply than just being entertained on tv, or on an expensive tour of some mystical place, or at an expensive conference of your fellow travelers, or on the very deepest dive into the labyrinths of YouBube. More deeply than can be taught to you in either a formal or informal setting. You can't be pissing your attention out on things your whole life if you truly want to know.

Guess what! It's not in the footnotes. Books and lectures and documentaries and public appearances are only for giving you some tools. There is no authority out there. There are clues. There are opinions. If you want to KNOW, you have to use the mind you've been trained away from since earliest childhood.

You have to understand your computational mind and its ego and quiet them so you can know.

You don't understand how powerful you are.

You've been rendered impotent by forces you could squash like bugs.

Mae always spoke to you as this one, the one who is powerful, not an overgrown child.

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