despite the terrible juju

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Which culminated last night in an ISP outage that made me have to finish listening today to yesterday's House debacle over the IG report on only one of many absolutely unbelievably crooked "investigations" going on in the FBI. I got through all nearly eight hours of it, but only by skipping the bleating Democrats, all bleating from a script about children.

Then — rumor has it — there was a bill to stop the separation of children from their immigrant parents they all voted AGAINST — according to TwitFace — because Chuck Schumer wanted to keep the focus — the bleating — on Trump... who obviated all that hard work by producing an Executive Order to dispose of the foaming hypocrites' bleating and Schumer's grand plan to drown Democratic Party perfidies with exhilarating symphonies of moral outrage and scorn.

Not that I'm so excited about the Republican half, because, while they are at least on topic, the entirety of both the Senate and the House committee hearings on the Hillary Emails IG report COMPLETELY sidestepped the matter of what CAUSED then-Director Comey's "insubordination"... made it sound like he was ego trippin' and determined to thwart justice... when, excuse me, whatever you think of Comey, that guy NEVER deviates from his chain of command.

He made the hairiest of hairy deals out of exactly that when little Gonzo was trying to pull a fast one on Ashcroft in the ICU, and anyone with half a brain knows Comey was taking the fall for the AG and the President... neither of whom could comment on the matter without it looking even worse for Hilldawg. It's already too apparent that nearly the entire Administrative Branch of government began furiously breaking the law when Trump was so clearly going to cream them in November 2016.

That's what all the rest of the OIG reports are going to try to paper over while seeming to give us the dirt, too, and you might be wondering what all this has to do with the ongoing detention of Julian Assange, but it has to do with the Democratic Party NOT being liberals anymore, with them being very, very far right of even the staunchest conservative... and John Pilger, who IS a real liberal, is making that point.

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