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It does mean a retreat of sorts by the globalists, and Trump's giving them the belligerent face to make it seem like doing business with Russia and China instead of relying on the destitute American market is only prudent. Psychopaths would find this the better option than having to admit we don't have the money to drag Europe into their wars anymore. We're tapped out, and if they are going to keep up their ceaseless murdering perfidies, it's going to have to be much less florid, even if it stays as evil going forward.

Trump supporters will insist he's doing this to drain the swamp, and maybe they're right, but I'd say it's more like Trump can do it because they're letting him be their excuse, while they quietly kill off the evidence of the greatest depression in American history... or... should we, in keeping with third millennium lingo, call it The Smart-Depression?

The one where there are no bread lines and the homeless and hungry are shunted out of sight and the grocery stores of places they wish to depopulate completely are filled to the rafters with toxins for sale at outrageously high prices... an America where imaginary zeroes keep a certain class in business while the rest of us are fed to the great medical machine by the poison food and water and air and/or the gutter by the lost jobs and empty bank accounts on our way to being quickly forgotten artifacts of useless eater history.

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