i guess we're gonna see at last

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What kind of black projects we've really had going all this time. I mean, I've been asking the so-called experts in the whole secret space program scenario why in the fuck are they spending SO much money to make such an elaborate ruse against facility with these technologies if they really have enough facility with them to have a whole workable space fleet?

I never got anything like a satisfactory answer. That young British autistic kid telling us he saw documents for a space fleet isn't good enough. If it's true, not just him hacking into some sort of drill or demo section of our computer architecture, or not just a kid making shit up, WHY the fantastic amounts of money spent on conventional rocketry and space station and satellites and Mars rovers, etc?

Anyway, mox nix. It will redirect the attention of the MIC guys and give them the hope of global control from space... assuming "we" [they] have the jump on the humans in this technology.

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