i'm trying

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I will probably fail.

The juju in the vicinity of Khoonkhwuttunne has been abysmal since about 9:30pm last night. Drunken epithet screaming over "breaking and entering" and "MY husband" began wafting in through my open windows and I could not tell who was yelling at whom or from what direction because there is a bad problem with sounds bouncing from every surface near this location, but it was not a peaceful atmosphere and doubly not because most of the people around here are long in bed by that hour.

It did not get better. It got worse, and it turned out to be happening at the home of the fat, snaggle-toothed slob who likes to speak to me in patronizing tones about bakery items. He was not there, that I could determine, but a number of other people were. This is all very strange because his wife was the only one who had any children and she died a few years ago in their car crash when she bled to death before the ambulance could get there because of the anticoagulant medication she had to take for her eye problems.

So I'm here, reluctant to go ask a screaming drunk woman to pipe down, but also reluctant to call the police because, well, they tend to over-react when it's just some redneck bitch under the impression someone is using my neighbor's house for clandestine meetings with her husband.

Then it seems the vehicle of a local gardening contractor [unmarried] has arrived and I'm thinking he's going to handle the debacle, but I'm seeing women carting stuff out of my neighbor's house and mumbling stuff instead of screaming.

Then I got up this morning just in time to experience a pre-coffee power outage. I made it to Brookings without killing anyone or even hitting a tree. Dutch Brothers bought me a quad breve because it is their policy to try to cheer up everyone who is having a bad day. They cheered me up.


Then I was thrown into the cream debacle again, and while I did not hurt anyone or break anything or even raise my voice, violent waves were set into the cosmic dairy imperative and the reverberations will be severe.

THEN my coffee making system was disrupted by a RADICAL failure on the part of the world's most perfect coffee company's insane decision to stop carrying certain items crucial to every one of their loyal customers' coffee experience.

I'm not going into the horrific details because I am trying manfully to not snap off the replay of this affront to everyone's civic duty in a blind rage.

I am a zen mistress. I know you can barely tell, but, truly... it's in here.

pipe up any time....