it could be this easy

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If the "Golden Golem of Greatness" just gives the order, all of this crap could be cleared up, cleaned out, drained from the swamp. I wonder if he even knows he can do that, or if he's trying to let them hang themselves all the way to certain death, or if someone's telling him it will ruin the country or touch off a civil war if the people find out the last administration was that felonious.

I have listened to Trey Goudy in various committee hearings over the last year or so, because I am still trying to listen to the various factions and people with different political leanings, and I have to say, I hope it's true he's slated to be the next Attorney General... that Sessions is just there until Gowdy's term of office is over... but he might really mean it about wanting the hell out of Washington.

If he's as powerful and loved as he is and still can't get the law upheld, being clearly not of a psychopathic bent, why would he ruin the rest of his life beating his head against the wall with killers threatening from the one side and quislings yimmering from the other?

No. Really. His little rant to the deputy AG yesterday says it all. The DoJ has it ALL — including phone calls — and they can't be made to produce it, this isn't the United States of America. If it doesn't happen, why would a decent human stay?

If the president doesn't plead with him to take the DoJ and fix it, what the fuck is wrong with him?

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