i've been thinking hard

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And, sorry, I outright do not believe Bourdain killed himself. I know AJ's way over the top about almost everything all the time, but I believe he may have articulated under all that "personality" something a lot closer to actual than you want to think.

Yes, yes, he seemed hungover and confused about some facts in his other videos about it, and couldn't seem to keep Bourdain's name straight. Personally, I found myself glad he's on vacation, but wishing he'd actually take one. Still, there really is underlying all those superficial inputs an underlying thread of sense that we desperately need to learn how to consider.

I might as well just confess now that I have noticed that Elon Musk has been getting the full treatment from the MSM over the last month or so... and I do mean such a full treatment that it isn't about Musk at all... it's about what the psychopaths want to do to him.

So. Just ignore the "personality" and your own and let the information start to take its real shape in your own head in your own imagery. See if you can believe Bourdain would do that to himself... not the horse shit about drugs, or mental illness, or his maybe unfaithful girlfriend. The had the world by the tail, all kinds of fun and fulfillment, and he had a very young daughter.

pipe up any time....