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A foaming "lefty" posted this image on a message board with a quote about nostalgia for the various flavors of immigrant slaves pressed into service to build railroads for cheap, cheap, cheap, Gandy Dancers.

A righty posted this video on the same message board about the current state of the EU.

On that same message board I am hearing for the first time — from righties — about something called the "Kalergi Plan" and if you do a little research on it, I think you will find it's fairly alarming stuff... so alarming, even Hitler was against it.

Makes me crazy how easy it is for a small group of psychopaths to use your psychology against you, and to neutralize any issue from the ones whose psychology can withstand the blizzards of propaganda and think rationally.

I implore you to take note of this and recognize it.

The whole world depends on it.

pipe up any time....