pretty impressive

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Worth listening to the whole thing. Couldn't find it with the little film that started it anywhere else, so I linked you past all the waiting. They deleted the vid with the little NoKo of the future video, so I replaced it with the vid of just the press conference. I think you will be shocked by the grace of the President with the press. Seems some of the dogs have been called off and maybe now we'll see what we've got.

And, yeah, I saw Rodman blubbering. I'd blubber too if I had been given a means to bury my collusion from history, but that's just me being a jaded old lady. Let's just hope it's really over.

Let's just hope we really do get to stop paying for the globalist empire. It doesn't mean the psychopaths are done. It's just the first real sign of good progress. I'm not going so far as Pepe to say Trump's onboard with a Russia-China-USA multipolar trade paradise instead of WWIII, but it's a nice thought.

pipe up any time....