the glib doctor encounter

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He was supposed to be a doctor, but not my doctor, or my doctor, but not at his office. On his front steps. He was a really subdued version of, say, Bill Murray and not nearly as funny, but he's pulling me up his steps and into his house. I'm talking to him about spiritual medical problems I didn't know I have, but seemed like I'd always known I had.

He's getting these downloads from me and taking out a bikini and beach coverup for me to put on. I'm about to tell him that those are ludicrous and I wouldn't be caught dead in them, but I notice they match his shirt, and so I forego telling him about his crappy taste, and then he's naked and almost in my lap.

I give his flaccid dick a friendly little tug and he's all no, no, no, and I'm all relax, man, just a payback for this nude scene, okay? The house goes from a walkup brownstone to a Malibu beach hut to a mansion with a living room that has a cement walkway with a weed-riddled edging next to the staircase up from the servants' quarters.

Hillary Clinton comes up the staircase to say something to him, but handing me a clear plastic card, and I'm remembering throwing away another of her clear plastic cards, but noticing this one has something taped to it... a bunch of pastel colored glass beads that are supposed to be herb seeds.

I dump them into Doc's weeds and announce that soon he will have a nice herb garden, compliments of Hillary, and he freaks out, but both she and I remain unfazed.

Notable, I think, that I felt absolutely nothing for Hillary. No hate. No surprise. No fear. No nothing, except maybe the mildest irk that she'd just given me more plastic to dispose of, and nothing much for very low energy glib-guy/doctor with bad taste except as a partner in something spiritually medically needing decanted, getting no relief, just putting up with him. He tried to get me to pick up the glass bead seeds but I told him no.

Pick them up yourself or suffer Hillary's herbs.

Absolute/absolute, extremely mild discomfort. Not strong and not not strong.

pipe up any time....