we love to eat

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I am up with the greatest food-lovers ever born, but I also spent a great deal of time having "left the world" at a Zen practice center. They were idiots. But that didn't prevent me learning some crucial things. One of them is that it doesn't matter whether you like or savor what goes in through your mouth and into your stomach.

It's nice if it tastes good, but the point is filling the stomach.

So, this leaves us with just about every place to buy food selling us either toxin-laden food or outright food-flavored toxins, and advertising types of food that are naturally toxic, beside the toxic additives.

The food pyramid is upside down... completely nutritious natural foods are adulterated in the name of shelf life and making many, from babies to adults, sick... genetic modification toward more yield and/or more crops per season are ignoring nutrients to increase profits, and making everyone, from babies to adults, sick. Avoiding these horrors is a big hassle.

And you don't have the strength to fight it. It's killing you....

One of the best ideas to hit modern civilization was to look back at what would have been our diet over the evolution of our species into modern humans. But that, too, is propagandized against... fervently.

You don't have to become a Zen master to figure out the way to health and quality of life. You just fucking don't. And so soon after you finally sit down and let it sink in, you look back and wonder why it took you so long.

But no. Pop-Tarts! Pizza! Big Macs! TV Dinners!

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