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I consider Bolton and Rodman to be working on the same team, and equally ludicrous choices as representatives of the United States, except if it's Bolton instead of Rodman, it might seem more threatening to someone... not even sure it would be Kim feeling that threat.

I can figure that China and Russia would be equally interested in having a North Korea to neutralize us in South Korea if push ever comes to shove, and the psychopaths wanting to keep their hand in to help dim the chances of that ever happening. I think all countries should be as interested in booting us out of South Korea as we are denuclearizing North Korea.

I guess it just has to be that I won't take the official line on this because North Korea has flat out NEVER needed nukes, but the psychopaths have flat out always needed them to accomplish their aims... to create "credible" threats.

The alleged cave in of the main facility, the underground facility, if it even was what they say it was, will have been done by someone who did NOT want the proof of whose nukes those were coming to light... and that would be NEITHER Russia nor China... for dirt certain. As allies, no Dear Leader Kim of any generation could insulate them from the consequences of using them. No difference for them in any scenario, but a difference for the psychopaths.

Only ever a difference for the psychopaths. So Bolton, I think, is really only scariest to US. Maybe gonna make better sure his nukes-masters aren't exposed by Kim than if it were Rodman sitting in, but that's it, and if the Lavrov plan to take this whole thing stepwise is going forward, which it seems it is, that means this could end up a winner for humans over psychopaths.

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