calm down

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All the matters up for negotiation have already been settled between the United States and Russia. The summit will just be Trump and Putin getting a chance to talk for a few hours and hold a pro forma press conference.

As for the mass indictment: [1] It's only a show indictment, crap; [2] based on equivocal intelligence reports; [3] which were based on no physical proof; and [4] timed expressly to interfere with the Trump/Putin Summit in Helsinki, but likely will have zero effect on Trump's meeting with Putin.

In fact, I begin to get the picture the strategy has been to let his own DoJ do its worst, both to identify the moles and to expose their dirty deeds for what they are. Also, safest to let killers think they have a winning hand while you're hunting them. Maybe that's too optimistic, but if Trump were anything like the characterization on the left, we wouldn't be here now.

I'm beginning to think this whole draining the swamp business is more like pimple popping, like working out deepest bits of puss from a staph infection.

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