forgot to post this yesterday [i think]

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I don't know what possessed Vice to post this. They make megabucks not telling it exactly like it is, but, and you may remember this, they're a couple of truth-tellers against perfidious fucks, with a serious track record for not pulling punches. This is kind of disorienting and must be why I spaced on posting it last night... I think... I mean I very often let the thought to do something represent having done it, like if I thought to do it, it's done.

Must've be my innate telekinesis acting up again... well... and speaking of which... there have been in recent days lots of hearing people saying stuff I've already heard them say... precognition trying to work its way up from the sludge again. I've been looking for slips in the laws of physics again, but not seeing them. Still, I think we could've gone through another couple of dimensional shifts in the past few months.

I'm only half kidding. I'm still just as certain there are two sphinxes at Giza as I was throughout my childhood and well into adulthood... until one two many people mentioned "the sphinx" at Giza and I had to go off and look it up and even that being unable to dislodge the memories of the two sphinxes at Giza on the the postcard from Billie and Cliffy on their trip, and the pictures of them in magazines and textbooks.

I don't care if you think I'm crazy. I know what I know and there WERE two sphinxes at Giza when I was a girl. So it might be that in this timeline Vice wants to be more truthful and less perfidious. I don't know.

pipe up any time....