seehofer's party maybe isn't behind him

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The whole thing might have been Seehofer using the political alliance to unseat Merkel without the voters doing it for him. Maybe his party isn't feeling as perfidious about this action as he is. I dunno. Who is this player? Is he worth anything to decency or is he just good at hardball politics?

I am for the insane influx of immigrants stopping, and being reversed to whatever extent possible, but I also am against politicians playing with switchblades. That's NOT democratic at all. That's what I have against parliamentary governments in general, AND pure democracies. They make too much room for political thuggery both ways... not with the people's mandate, and not with regard for individual rights.

It's why I disapprove of all the fucking with the Electoral College here. States should not have been allowed to force all their electors to vote for the winner of the most votes in the state. I approve of them voting proportionally with the votes in their state, but that's not what's going on in too many states, and you've got forty-eight states without enough say in presidential elections if you do away with the Electoral College.

Anyway, the voters of Germany did not vote Angela Merkel out of office. They did let her know they want the immigration thing eased, and... she did... or appears to have eased it... so Seehofer can man up and accept it, or quit, because it seems his fellows aren't sold on his power grab fixing the problem when they can make someone with more clout do it.


I guess his party told him to fuck off and die, so he didn't resign.

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