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The piece was just about a very large cocaine bust in Belgium, product intercepted between Brazil and Moscow, humorously labeled with United Russia's logo to throw us off the scent. I was tittering about it, like, I'm just so sure, when my eyeprints landed on something from a guy who calls himself, simply, "Fireman"
Drug$ 'R US

Don't tell the USSAN lumpen proles poisoning themselves with every kind of
filth they can shove up any orifice into their drug-addled gnat brains but just
like Al CIAduh and ISIS, the Zetas terrorizing Mexico are simply another USSAN
asset in the Washing town criminal enterprise known as the US government. Look
at heroin production in Afghanistan since the Langley Crime Syndicate took
over. Hint, count the opioid deaths in a shithole near you on any day of the
week. Hint... the Paki ISI slash Al CIAduh Gulen ratlines destroying peasant
USSA and NOBODY gives a shit obviously as long as the poison of the deep state
gets to market and keeps the hogs on animal farm sedated. The regime is
destroying USSANS and making a fortune keeping the rednecks and ethnics in
poverty same as they did back in the day to black USSA with crack cocaine. They
killed Gary Webb when he proved it.

Ever wonder why all that crap gets over the border and to market so easily
like a well greased supply line for Walmart? Ever wonder why there has NEVER
been a USSAN cartel drug boss? Because the criminal institutions of the CIA,
FBI, DEA and Border Patrol are the USSAN cartels. Capiche!

Face it USSA, your plantation owners herd you at will and cull you like cattle, tax cattle.

Mexican Cartel, Los ZETAS trained by USSA


Mike Ruppert "CIA are drug runners"


Ron Paul "Bush is a drug runner".


The Sackler Gang, a Jewish crime family that makes Al Capone look like a Prohibition era social worker.

He musta thought we need reminding and I think maybe we do need reminding, even though I remind everyone often enough.

I mean, there might not be a too often to this, since it's a crucial realization for letting the rest of the scales drop, and it's so insanely consequential. I just lost another internet friend to this. People think he OD'd, and all his joshing about his life in the underworld was just that, but I knew better, and I warned him. He wouldn't listen.

These aren't conspiracy theories, kids. These are well-established facts. They are not pretty, but NOTHING is as valuable to all sentient beings than the TRUTH. Don't let sophistry and mental programming talk you out of that! The important thing to get across is that you ARE mentally conditioned, and maybe the smarter you are, the easier you are to zombify this way. These are FACTS. They create dissonance that is soothed by more tv or more browser generated confirmation bias.

You gotta throw a wrench in that to get yourself ready to assimilate actuality.

Actual actuality.

I'm not dissing you. I'm loving you.

pipe up any time....