all my grandparents lived into their 90s

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My father made it to 82 and my mother made it to 85, all their brothers and sisters didn't make it out of their 80s, either, even a couple of them didn't make it out of their 70s. Even before this little familial generational shrinkage in lifespan, I was starting to notice that people were both living much longer than average lifespan data, but also much shorter than this generational thing I'd been noticing in the families of people I know... EVEN if you allow for some of them being kept alive when they should have been dead.

My mind has tied this to the nutritional baselines for each generation. Those who had little or no choice but to eat clean, basic, food, back when farming and ranching land soils had not been depleted so egregiously, through at least the first thirds of their lives, made it into their 90s and 100s. Those who had this advantage for the first quarter of their lives, before they switched to lab food, still fared amazingly well for all the toxins they consumed later in life, but also for pretty much shorter and with pretty much worse final illnesses.

And that was STILL before the lab food was taken to the extent we see today, where there are "foods" made of "edible" plastic and chemically flavored to mimic the natural items they purport to be. It wasn't ONLY the dread "lunchables" and Mickey Ds, but in every single convenience "food" in the supermarkets.

Tony says that kids born today will be lucky if they make 50. That comports with my mad genius estimations using only the facts with which I had personal experience. None I knew in my parents' generation did anything healthy by way of fixing their diets in their old age... following doctors' orders or not... so I think Boomers are the generation where we see, finally, if changing our diets off that crap makes us both feel better and live longer.

Still... people are harried and busier than they should be and tired and just want to get everything in the way of the basics out of the way as swiftly and easily as possible... and there are very many retired people who are so tired from all the malnutrition of their lives that they can't face doing anything about it.

So. I'm getting this weird feeling that Tony's estimation for the babies was very generous... and a nagging voice saying it might well end up being a mercy.

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