backfiring can backfire

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But looking closely at today's operations map, I think this can work. It doesn't seem to make sense because the fires need to be pushing in opposite directions and any amount of wind can completely ruin the logic of this practice.

They have the dozer line behind the backfire, but, of course, if the wind fights them, even a back fire can jump a dozer line with ease. But let's assume they've got a line of pros up there who are armed with their drip torches AND hoses. They could get a wide enough swath burned down in front of them AND suppressed behind them to stop this monster from moving any further north.

Looks as though they don't have the entire dozer lined perimeter manned for this, but, again, the wind direction will dictate the right places to do first, and the entire conflagration looks to be wanting to be moving north and east. There's much more to save on the north, and it's much easier to stop it on the east because it stops being forested on that side.

So barring a demon wind suddenly blasting from the southeast — still looking darn iffy on the Pillsbury edge — it looks as though we may finally have this sucker knocked before much longer.

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