because it takes money to live

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There is no end to the corruption, and the more corruption at the top, the more corruption at the bottom. It weirdly never seems to move up the hierarchy, just down it. A monetary system — where it takes money to live — guarantees human suffering reaches these kind of proportions.

Socialism is NO hedge against it either. The drive in too many is to get ahead, to have status and power and ease where others do not. It's the psychopathological yardstick, and a common denominator amongst full-blown psychopaths, primary or secondary, but also in people with only some psychopathological tendencies.

It's for control freaks and totalitarians and sick egos and pathetic sheep who don't want anything but to be left out of responsibility for anything. Yes. Millions. Maybe actually billions.

It never had to be this way. The problem of easing suffering in a world this full of completely sick and mentally-conditioned people who cannot see through what has happened to them to the truth seems insurmountable. It IS. So long as we charge each other for anything.

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