i can't begin to tell you

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Just how lame I think this is. Yeah, bring a bag lunch and listen to us spitballing about how to serve the getaway slaves. You know it's not going to be about making law enforcement get serious on those huge and heavily-defended compounds in the hills. There are a billion hippie anarchists who are growing illegally to bust and rob. Pigs in shit, as they say, when we need special forces, SEALs, with air cover for this shit.

There's already a horde of homeless women being hopelessly underserved and plenty victims of domestic violence who need refuge, and now they're going see if they can't make room for syphilitic teens from Bulgaria and other global hotspots.

Yeah, yeah, I know, every person we can make aware is another ion in favor of solving the problem, but, ahem, we said that about torture, and we said that about bombing brown people into pink mist, and we said that about campaign finance reform, and outlawing lobbyists. Remember? Remember Citizens United? Howz that working out for you?


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