it's NOT just kids

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Or even just cancer. Have you even scanned through this powerpoint pdf yet? And are they just saying this shit to sound appropriately concerned for our short people? We've got all KINDS of science on how bad this stuff is, no matter how many studies they paid for to produce that state otherwise.

My beloved yard help lady used to come spray this shit around my house and around my garden beds to nail the stuff she couldn't get with the mower or the whacker and I felt it within hours every time, not even knowing at first what was doing it. All your neighbors are doing this too, and maybe even you are doing this.

It's EVERYWHERE and in higher concentrations in everything grown on industrial-scale farms, but also on farms that never used it, because of the big farms AND the neighborhoods. We have something like four "organic" grass fed dairy and meat farms near to me, all checkered in with the industrial level lily farms that use this shit.


And, no matter where you stand on the chemtrails issue, there are both toxic jet fuel residues found everywhere upon our planet AND many proofs of airborne aluminum and barium and strontium particles. The glyphosate gets the aluminum into your whole body, but especially causes it to clump onto your pineal gland and nervous system. Yes, women are more susceptible to the ravages of this toxicity, but we have your babies, and you are NOT immune either.

The connections between aluminum and Parkinson's have been drawn since the earliest days of studying the dread disease, and we have always thought it was from cooking on aluminum pans. Well, for fucksakes, it's all up in the polluted air and all over every water source and square inch of land, along with the jet fuel shit and the glyphosate. So, sez me, first order of business when you've got an autistic kid or are diagnosed with Alzheimer's is to get medical chelation done to get as much aluminum out as possible.

Then you go about mitigations like keto or paleo diet, and/or other modes of getting the stuff to cycle OUT of your body, like baths in epsom salts and baking soda, or various supplements that help pull it out. Whatever. This is REAL.

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