no one's arguing it's not weird

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We seem only to be stuck in a mental loop about what's causing it. This is the first piece I've found that mentions the uptick in volcanism, and reminds everyone that volcanoes are not only on dry land. Though, beside the idiotic population explosion, it can also help explain the advancing wimpitude of the Colorado River. I mean, we're all experienced enough to realize everything depends on everything here.

Nothing exempt... not even us.

It just puts me in mind of the expanding earth theory that I like so well. "Scientists" insist this is balderdash, that plate tectonics explains it all, but I never swallowed that, feel that at best it is part of the whole truth. And so much magma getting so much closer to the surface would seem to me to be the herald of an expanding earth. It would do more to explain all the ice ages and warm periods throughout history too... that couple of them more than 10,000 years ago that swung back and forth so wildly that Randall Carlson explained, from the Greenland Ice Core Samples taken back in the 1990s, about on JRE #606 [for the reminder go to about minute 18].

Only other thing I want to highlight is that these huge changes occurred during the known existence of human life on earth, and back when our carbon emissions had no impact whatsoever. It is beyond our control and may always be beyond our control, but the historical warming periods increased farmlands and human health and productivity by a lot.

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