perception management

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Part of it is that agencies have decided to tend wildfires rather than fight them, except in areas where structures are threatened. Too often they are not prepared or experienced enough with structure protection to be effective. They have done a good job protecting towns in the Mendocino Complex because the local fire departments are ON those perimeters. Most of the structure loss was early on, but some of it will end up being from places they just couldn't muster the manpower to defend properly.

Anyway, I thought we should get another perspective from the shit we're fed by the weaponized/hypnotized media. The worst problem we have is the utter failure of federal, state and local officials to deal with fuels management anything like effectively. Out of control fuels... brush, tall grasses, excess dead fall blended in with them... and trees sick from pollution and drought caused disease... are largely ignored and when they're not, the answer is always to burn them, which causes as many conflagrations as it mitigates.

Money. They don't pay for real fuels management. They like to call themselves "stewards" but they won't pay people to hack down brush and chip and mulch it, or take down sick trees and turn them into soil nutrients either. Just fire. The unerring riposte is that fire is good for the soil. Yes, but not best good and not safe good either. And especially not safe good when you simply let the fuels get so thick there's no way to control burn.

They are NOT going to mend their ways, either. Pusillanimity. Irresponsibility. Idiocy. These prevent any of them from ever actually living up to their purported function. So we get these endlessly repeated skits about our brave firefighters instead of real action to spare their lives.

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