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Maybe the most irredeemable man un U.S. politics is finally gone. His body count was quite high enough that one wonders if being rid of him now has really been a mercy to that many more, but I think if he'd had his way it would be seriously many more. Personally, I also wonder who'll take his place assuring al Q'ISIS mercenaries the "United States" won't throw them to the wolves, and bringing paychecks to prove it.

Lindsey Graham? McCain's sidekick? Or does that alliance still work with the party politics now, with however many are in real support of the president and how many of them are still owned by the psychopaths? His Jeff Sessions dis doesn't count in this question because it could be theater or it could be real. We don't know.

I guess we'll see.

I'm sorry for McCain's children. They couldn't choose, and hope they will be freed from his legacy. That's the extent of the compassion I can muster here.

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