you might remember my links about glyphosate/aluminum the other day

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Well, they also link up to people who are having various non-ionizing radiation frequency sensitivities, helps explain the epidemic of sleep disorders and other bodily miseries. People are even starting to put it together that this inescapable exposure to both glyphosate and aluminum is why going ketogenic or just flat out only meat and water diet-wise is helping so many people feel so much better.

Still getting hit with the shit, but on a much lower level.

I do not let myself become too concerned with the whole, and getting louder, symphony about transhumanism and mental entrainment mechanisms, the big experiment on turning us into automatons, which I don't even doubt is going on, I concern myself with ways to feel better, to recover from illnesses, to have a quality of life that helps make it worth living.

So I still find it interesting to note things like aluminum loading increasing frequencies sensitivity, whether it's accidental or on purpose kind of turning us into human antennae.

So, again, I don't care how lunatic Tony sounds, or even IS, he's working his butt off to save all sentient beings and there is value in listening to him about his maniacal researches and the fantastical ideas he gets from them. If your sleep has turned to shit, or your nerves, or your basic functionality and you can't seem to get some kind of relief, you will do well to take some of the measures he recommends for recovering from the toxins that are everywhere, in our air and water and food, EVEN so-called "health food".

We can't escape it. We can mitigate and we can detox. And even if our kids are already zombies from their cell phones and not as physically impacted, that's only because they are young and stupid. Their bodies can still fight off the toxins, mostly — although they're weakening younger and younger now — and they never had a chance to know better than what's being beamed into them by their smartphones.

Now that a couple of the largest stressors have been lifted off my mountain of them, I am slathering frankincense oil on my skin and doing bits of housework and packing up of items into small boxes so I can be ready to move when my house crumbles or when I can find someone who will let me build myself a sheet metal room in their barn for seriously cheap or free.

It's a matter of quality of life and optimized functionality... and I just don't see how I could have either as a bag lady.

pipe up any time....