a balding pressure of speech teenager who says he's 56

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And a greyed codger trying to sound sage.

I'm trying anyway, but this is sounding already like a bunch of buzzy vaguely literary phrases strung together and signifying nothing worth my ears. It reminds me of the days when people thought blurting out about being raped passed for great poetry.

Just posture where humanity goes. Where art belongs.


Oh. Twaddle. I forced myself a half hour in, and snapped it off before it tolled 30:01. It drives me nuts when people about as deep as teaspoons shovel it on like that.

I'm sorry. I was too optimistic we might get something about how nice it would be for the kids to start respecting elders again enough to help them stop being idiots before they're dead. Even if they get around to this point in this turgid mess, I have no faith it will strike anyone where they live.

Must've gone off in wishy land to even link it before I knew how much I was going to hate it. If you want to listen, just, please, remain aware that just because their tone is that of people discussing weighty matters, don't be fooled by their fucking tone, okay? That makes you an easily impressed pea brain. You're better than that.

pipe up any time....