back in the day

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When I still thought progressives were less unscrupulous than most politicos, I was not happy about this guy's "work" to expose the underbelly. Since floundering in the belly of the beast for too many years, learning the hard way that, no, progressives are in no wise less unscrupulous — even more because everyone's too busy congratulating themselves for their virtues to look at the FACT of their totalitarian instincts and let that sink in.

So. I still think he's unscrupulous, but I now see there's some merit to it. He's getting in there and interviewing some of the people at various federal agencies on whom we've been relying to execute their duties like real Americans. They're worse unscrupulous than we imagine.

Try and listen to his latest four Deep State Unmasked videos. Come on. Truth is our only hope.

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