biological imperatives interfere with spiritual ones

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Pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth do too. Psychopaths rightly rely on us to fail from these because of the oceans of ignorance in which they swim. Their route to ultimate power blinks neon. Can't be missed, and yet the masses miss it anyway. Too busy fucking around. Too busy slaving for the scratch to sate those seven insatiables to make the freaks on the neon path slink back into their holes.

I'm trying to say that effort, serious effort, is required... and they will outlast you every time because you fall to those. It is easier to boil them down to greed, hate and delusion, and more profitable spiritually, but, hey, maybe peace-loving murder machines in the West need it to be delineated more intricately. Mox nix.

Your love NEVER measures up to psychopaths' will. Never. Once in a while you will draw something up on fancy paper and enforce it on yourself... not them. If you thwart them, they'll turn their weapons on you.

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