i had my nap in a retirement home

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It was neither like the classic hell, nor like the one which I've always dreamed of creating. I guess I was living there because there was nowhere else. I was at the end of a hall, and doing a number of mystical things from my bed, expecting a visit from my sister's attorney.

It was no longer the smug liar for pay. It was a beautiful young woman who quite obviously loved me to bits, had wanted very badly to meet me since she took over the case. I kept having to remind her the truth of what her client was doing, in case she was confused as to whose advocate she was supposed to be.

I think we were waiting for others to arrive, to have a deposition or a conference, and I kept doing my magic from the window sill or from my bed, or a corner of a room, and waiting with the pretty young loving lawyer. Oddly, blonde.

Nothing happened and she eventually left. Then I was in a communal kitchen with a couple really old ladies, who were giving me pointers on the tastiest snacks and how to prepare them, but I ended up locking the door behind them when they left and turning the kitchen into a bath... filled it about half full and paddled around in it.

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