i'm sorry

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I have this sometimes extremely annoying feature where I find I love people in any sort of space. Even if I'd be shocked to find out what they even look like. Meatspace. Cyberspace. Mox nix. If I love you, and I do love you, but if you are close to me, I'm going to completely lose my shit if you disappear on me... ghost me... even if it was only accidentally.

I spent the first six hours of my day sleuthing my fried brains off to put out an APB on someone missing in action for an entirely too uncharacteristic length of time when his last online words were that he was on his way to the ER. I had it almost all the way together, ready to call down the gods of salvation, when a news flash finally popped up that he's alive and coming home from the hospital tomorrow.

Then I spent another five hours chatting with someone I don't get to talk with enough... and... well... the short and short of it is I don't know anything about today in the world and didn't mean to neglect you this way. There are just times when the love is rushing like a mountain stream in full flood and we have to try to remain lucid through it.

pipe up any time....