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I have not had the gut trouble with this one. For decades my gut has hopped up and down whenever I try to listen to a president speak. I start hating the sight of them, too, but the hearing of their voices swiftly becomes too much for me to stand without GREAT exercise of will and Zen detachment.

You have heard me on this before. No matter what posture I try to honestly take to be able to hear them out, it's agony right away and so I reserve it only for the most important times if I can't find a transcript. Sorry. You might take this as a sign of hysteria or something, but I think it's a sign of knowing the consequences of the presidentially-delivered lies. The goddam consequences are too fucking consequential and my ears are at once connected to my gut, and it literally hops up and down.

I'm not having this problem with Donald so far. It started to rumble a bit when he made his big "retaliation" for a bogus chemical attack in Syria, and again when he pulled that ludicrous MOAB stunt, but to my utter amazement, the rumbles were minor and no hopping stomach when I hear his goofy voice, or look at his idiotic hairdo.

This guy might've done the best job of articulating this anomaly, but I just remember being incredulous about Trump running at all, let alone doing well in the run up to the 2016 conventions. No, no! He's a buffoon with legendarily bad taste and married to a bimbo! Wasn't having it.

Then, I decided to really look. For decades I just default ignored or only caught the highlights of Donald Trump's shtick, and it might serve me well to take a harder look, a real look, see into it a little more objectively. Yep, he was all those things to which I'd objected, but Michael Moore said THE transcendently true things about Donald Trump and the American People... and then when I saw this, I knew he was definitely the best candidate.

Melania has turned out to be an impeccable first lady, and I'm left scrubbing down the grubby residues on the inside of my brain for being so careless as to believe so much hype, and knee-jerking on such superficial grounds, ignoring even all my long-held beliefs that politicians should be barred from holding office, to stay wrong.

I hope you will take the time to listen to today's press conference, but if you don't want to, suffice it to note that I actually agree with Nikki Haley, someone I revile pretty damn thoroughly. They weren't laughing at him. They were laughing with him. It was a STARK contrast with the barely-concealed contempt and hatred for Nosbaracktu's 2014 speech at the same event.

There were no friends in that building on that shameful day....

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