reservations about my rosy speculations/intuitions?

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It could be as bad as all this for real, and the fanboys only have the adage about keeping your enemies nearer to account for it, but it's really too damn psychedelic for any of us to be sure. I just try to put myself in his place, and try not to forget that he's got something of an ego problem, which really could be lethal.

Still, I don't think anyone should forget that he's gotta try to deliver in the midst of a very strong institutionalized Swamp Creature population of killers. Heartens me that over the last week bits have been coming out that point much more strongly at what really came down, that Obamagate is THE explanation that makes every piece fall into place neatly, and it gives me some real hope this will be unfolding according to sense as we go along.

But, yes, there are still too many variables. Fewer by the day, but still too many.

pipe up any time....