should we review?

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This is from back in April, when there was yet another fake chemical attack in Syria, which the Skripal affair helped pump up the allies to "avenge" [after having hoaxed it, like they're doing again now] and here is the thing in context... by Jimmy Dore, who is an ace at this sort of thing. And DO check up on the Timber Sycamore allegation. It is true.

And Mattis was, at the time, worried about escalating matters out of control.

Yet here we are again. After Trump did a one eighty on pulling out of Syria. PCR is screaming at the top of his lungs. The barflies are buzzing and batting off the walls. The intel codgers are dispatching memos to the president again, leaving me again to wonder if any of these are ever taken to the White House, let alone read.

Have any of them got Trump's attention? Or is it Saudi Arabia continually pushing him back into the arms of the permanent government, the swamp he hasn't drained?

pipe up any time....