unremitting terror and entitlement

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That's us. So far as I can see online, Flo hasn't budged over the past couple days, and I don't even want to put up with the horse shit they spew... didn't, until they decided we weren't suitably worried and threw in about the nuclear power plants.

Fuck off. The truth is: They don't know where she'll land, or even if she'll land, or at what windspeed. Then, when/if she hits wherever she hits, they'll be giving everyone windspeed data that have nothing to do with what's happening on the ground. They measure it way up high and the groundspeed is usually less than a third what's advertised.

And nobody's done ANYTHING about the nuclear power plants in all this time, and while I don't want them to suffer a catastrophe for it, it would be some kind of horrific justice if they did.

You're wondering how Serena's horse shit goes with this piece. I'm pointing at the heedless, outright ignorant, exceptionalism at work on the whole with the disingenuous and increasingly totalitarian attempts to seem authoritative by media and government agencies, the workings of fear on entitlement and entitlement on fear... the actuality that fuels the lunacy we are forced to admit we call "American" nowadays.

How many — completely aside from politics — notice it?

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