you gotta watch this clear through to the end

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You can turn the sound off if it's too sappy for you.

I got the chance to redeem myself for forgetting my doctor's appointment yesterday. I told them I would gladly leap to it for any last minute cancellation. They called me at 8:20am to be there by 9:40am. A bolt of lightning shot through me. I'd only been asleep a few hours, but I goddam flew outta bed and smack into my desk.

I got my body covered and teeth brushed, without stubbing my toe. Remembered to take my thyroid, and stopped at the coffee kiosk down the road for a scalding monster coffee to try to mitigate for my fellow motorists' sake and I showed up at the clinic reception desk at 9:10am.

My pulse was 132 from still running on pure nervous system voltage overload. I'm ten pounds lighter than three months ago. I did not come home to drop. No. I went to the bank. I went to the grocery store. I am able to eat something when the nerve juice slows enough for me to do it.

Some guy in India from "Windows Service Department" called me on an automatic dialer and I said, "Oh! Hello. My windows are fine, thank you," and hung up. I could hear him yelling, "It's not that kind of windows," as the receiver was on its way down.

This has made me laugh. I can see some steamed phisherman in India barking at his next mark, and it's making me cackle, but, dudes, watch the video. It's a goddam happy cry.

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