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I have mentioned her here quite a few times, but I don't think you know the size of the service to humanity done — lived — by Mae Brussell. If you're not too senile yet, you should devote some couple million hours to listening to her at last.

I'm unsure about the condition of her complete physical archive because it was given to John Judge for safekeeping, but, of course, then he was dead way too early and I don't know where it got to from there. I was afraid nobody was going to take it and make it available to the public, but it seems somebody has. Not all of it, that I can tell, but quite possibly enough of it to do you some real good.

I know it's hard to take, but the internet does NOT make a very lot of extremely important stuff available to the public, and the moment something becomes possibly too important to the task of passing down the truth into the future, it disappears. We can only hope there are and continue to be enough fevered truth nerds with the means to preserve Mae's work.

It is, or was, ALL put out there with physical evidence and primary sources to back it up. AND there are charlatans running around everywhere who spend enough time listening to her to plagiarize their "scholarship" for fun and profit. So it is far from merely an historical perspective this listening project might give you. It could arm you against the spectacular mindfucking going on out there at subscription websites and alternative views conventions.

If you'd rather only invest an Herculean amount of effort, you can resort to this at least seemingly random selection of Mae's broadcasts. You will definitely end up getting a really good idea of what I'm trying to tell you here. I was going to make a playlist for you, but too many of my goddam Youbube playlists go belly up after a lot of work compiling them. Easy enough to click them all into your Watch Later queue and do it that way... or kick back and plow through some here.

OR to download the mp3s at the image link at whatever pace you want.

So bookmark the page, or this post, before you lose track.

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