do irish comedians run google?

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Oh, hello? Good morning? I was awakened by Those Conspiracy Guys talking about the flat earthlings' thing. The main guy was saying that Russia is basically the same size as the United States, only stretched out and squashed down, and... I blew a fuse.

So I'm up.

I googled it just to make sure the other sphinx hadn't been put back or something. Oh, well, then, so, still where I thought I was, but then my eyes slid over to the right side of the page to get the general specs for us and blew another fuse.

Are they really that ambivalent about our form of government?

Are we supposed to be? WTF?

The problem with listening to people discussing the various aspects of Out There tends to put one out there in limitlessness with nothing under your feet. So. This could be the way to enlightenment, boys. The whole problem has been your brain trying to find and stand its ground.

You don't need it... and, now, I guess, podcasts and the monster manipulatory semi-privatized corporate fucksters are here for the sole purpose of helping you rid yourself of clinging. The ancients, the giants of spiritual mastery have been eclipsed by the tornado decimated sands of delusion.

If you are incapable of the requisite depth of understanding, no worries. Come at it from the also limitless extent of delusion.

pipe up any time....