EVERYBODY is missing THE most salient point

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It is IMPOSSIBLE to implement a system that can hold up against corruption. EVEN the not corrupt people inside it will "innocently" fail to credit the corruption, be able to pass lie detector tests for the rest of time, so cardinal is their ignorance of evil. You can spell it out for them, and they will call you a "conspiracy theorist". It's blinking neon right now, and they're still doing it. You can't doubt this by now.

This fellow has filled in the silence from Q with what we can only HOPE is not baseless optimism. Anyone honest has to allow that Q's recent little flurry of links to hints that culminated in "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM" before turning to oblique bits about the corruption of Dianne Feinstein, has been followed by no booms and no coverage of any movement on any front except polling data being less obviously tilted toward deceiving We the Rubes.

Maybe you are gobsmacked I seem so willing to support Republicans, even as I have always been, and will continue to be, to my dying breath, flat out leftist in my very marrow. You do not realize there ARE no sides to this. You are either a moral human adult or you are a grownup ignoramus. Sorry.

The word "ignoramus" is Latin for "we do not know". I know it's interchangeable with the word "stupid", but that's only because stupid people have a good excuse for not knowing. The rest of us are only trained to be stupid. There is a spectrum of the entrained, and I think the majority of them do know in their deepest subconscious that their conditioning is bullshit, and it is only that going along with it remains eternally seemingly the path of least resistance. That's what keeps them on side.

The United States of America — as conceived by the founding fathers — is still the best governmental system ever devised by human beings in our known history, mainly because of the now-not-functioning checks and balances written into it at the outset. It has taken longer to ruin than the others, which does NOT mean it can't be cleaned up and reinforced against the corruption.

Beyond just me bring up the kind of harpies people are hoping to put in charge of a Marxist America — which really should give anyone pause, convince you in advance that your socialist dreams are definitely already NOT going to work out — there is the fact that neither capitalism nor socialism can work in this country if we do not get this country back from the massive population of wittingly and unwittingly corrupt actors in its crucial system of checks and balances.

"America First" HAS to be our motto. Not for any selfish reasons, but for just the opposite. If we don't get to be America again, we can't ever be a courageous, unselfish and just people again.

The Democratic Party has come out 100% unequivocally for a totalitarian regime. I have voted 100% unequivocally against them for three reasons: [1] nothing will induce me to vote against freedom; [2] Trump really has been making solid moves to free us from the globalist yoke and deserves more time with less interference from Congress; and [3] if the Democratic Party is killed off for good, there might arise a sane alternative for real liberals.

As it stands, against all odds, right now Republicans are our sanest alternative.

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