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But Scientific American seems to be relying on our habit of only reading the headlines. The base paper is more sensible, even if we don't grok big chunks of it.

I'm not interested in trying to let the data form a completely new theory, or in trying to force them into the existing model. Nope. I'm interested in seeing if it fits into the electric universe theory, which I already think makes much more sense than the existing model.

Not that they have to. Just that this is my interest.

Never mind the fact that I am desperate for the stacked convenient guesses to go the fuck away, the existing model IS NOT A MODEL. It's thin air. Whereas, the electric universe theory has at least laboratory bench observed phenomena upon which to rely, and some strongly logical, WITHOUT MATH, predictions made from them.

In other words, ACTUALLY already a better baseline for theorizing.

As you know, I just recently announced to you that I am clean from the depredations of chill pill assistance, and have entirely unhappily been forced to remember the fact that those suckers do more than smooth the nerves enough for some sleep. They also are quite effective for certain types of pain.

I think my attempts to bring down my grocery budget even further have left me consuming too many carbs and the inflammation is trying to return. This is being confirmed by just over a day of eating no carbs and I'm peeing like a race horse. This is salient to this discussion because, beside the pain, I can't think for shit when my cells are holding too much liquid.

Get it through your head that they now admit that we have photons doing work in our bodies. Let that sink in. PHOTONS.

Throw out the big bang. Throw out black holes. Throw out dark matter. Throw out dark energy. Throw out the old explanation of gravity. Put back in the fact that there is no bound to the universe in either space or time. No start. No finish. No line of demarcation. No ground. Only free fall. Just precisely like your actual being, as contrasted with your delusory being.

Consider the terms "ionizing" and "deionizing". Ionizing is the dispersion of atomic structure into plasma. Deionizing is the removal of plasma to produce a pure substance or material. The universe is plasma and matter in a constant flux of formation and deformation, the birthless and deathless hosting living and dying, coming and going, starting and finishing, regenerating and degenerating.

Energy DOES equal mass times the speed of light squared!

People just do NOT grok what that means. Don't bother trying to google up a better understanding. Use your head. Understand better. Seriously. You can do it.

I just hinted at it very strongly.

Geniuses who are severely handicapped by their left brains scoff when they hear me explain that the universe, the cosmos, the limitless all, is sentient because I AM SENTIENT. It's too fucking simple for them to credit. They gotta make this spectacular mess out of everything. NOT because it's intelligent, but because it SEEMS intelligent.

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