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And it could only be true to a completely unsatisfactory extent, not artificial intelligence at all, just wildly enhanced "memory" you would have no way of knowing IS memory... sort of like being conditioned to believe stuff you are taught in school, only on a greatly enhanced scale. Like we've already discussed relative to the internet itself not being any sort of reliance for people who want reality instead of just what serves some psychopaths for you to believe.

Except, that's not all. Not by a long shot. What do they want the most from us? Our ideas. If you're jacked-in to their system, with these capabilities, they no longer need the creativity they fundamentally lack to get their way. It will all be spelled out for them... more than they need.

Think of all the people being dumped from TwitFace with no recourse. Your will itself would be dumped or derailed or turned over to the authorities that easily. You'd only ever have access to that which fits the official imperatives for humans by psychopaths.

I'm not saying they can even do this much, but it's feasible they could someday, and every second you spend online, especially on a smartphone, speeds that up. It's still not going to be intelligent, with a will of its own, or even with your will and its memories. It, and we, will still have overlords and coding failures and hackers and you will be allowed even less ability to choose for yourself than you are now.

If you are having trouble following me, think of Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg having control over what you can know and what you can't, what you can do and what you can't, right down to what you can have drive you down the road and at what speed, and what you can buy and what you can't, even if you can go somewhere or eat anything.

It won't be The Matrix. It will be Max Headroom.

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