in fact

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I have been giving in to my intolerance of the Holocaust Industry stuff to my own detriment, not to mention yours. I used to subscribe to a weekly newsletter that was pretty comprehensive about scientific developments until I lost patience with them treating the Holocaust as though it were a scientific discipline, a science that needed reinforcement every goddam week.

I also stopped looking at the Daily Mail for wild animal and pet stories and science news because they were doing the same shit, on top of all their celebrity hype that never stops trickling into one's mental life, continually needing spiritual macrophages to clean out of our life-and-death necessary minds.

It's just SO fucking toxic I couldn't take it. I've been dealing with cataclysm and an existential tsunami and lost my patience with sentient beings... not that I'm a portrait of patience in ways discernible to most, but that one is and I lost it.

Luckily for me, Agent BB2 has been my friend for thirteen years.

Due to severe sleep circus deficit today, I am having to merely share this with you without anything like cogent commentary for now. I'll come back when/if my brains show back up. This could possibly be THE turning, THE moment in human history. I know that much already.

pipe up any time....