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Just remember when Dubby was wanting to make "tactical nukes" not subject to treaties, and remind yourself that no way will Russia strike unless they are attacked. Basically, don't lose sight of the psychopaths' extremis, and how they have to keep making things up, and false flagging and blasting their clown horns over the airwaves.

We're not the peanut gallery. We're their playing field.

It's not one-side-good one-side-bad, here, or here and there. It's factions with teams playing on us here, one side we have seen unequivocally bad and the other quite more American, but not unlikely to come at a price, and what you can rely on is that Russia will not start anything, unless you count the steady drain of power from psychopaths.

I think the faction of psychopaths who don't want WWIII are why we got Donald instead of Hillary, and we're in the time for which the SCO states have been carefully planning for at least a decade. Each move by one of them is followed by the din of rattling sabres and wild media distractions, but the gaze is still placid.

Are any adults beginning to rise out of this mud?


If nukes are dropped, neither Russia nor the United States will be the ones behind it.

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