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Is he just being politic to talk about NoKo and Iran like they're nuclear powers, or has he decided that it is the route to discrediting the orange man, while ignoring that the orange man may very well be trying to cut off the crippling costs of globalist empire, giving the world back its independence, dismantling the levers of control while trying to revive the fortunes of We the People... of EARTH.

Maybe he's finally killing the decades old corpse of NATO, Pepe... or even give Europe back to Europeans. What? Did you want another "dignified" piece of shit following psychopaths' orders? Are you frightened not to have a suave liar pretending to be at the helm?


Could it possibly be Trump's trying to let European leaders out of the psychopaths' death grip? ANY possibility in your mind that a blowhard reality tv star might actually be trying to save humans? Are we too jaded to even allow for the possibility he is walking a mine field gauntlet to give us back Earth? Are you SO inured to lairs that you completely lose your balance when someone actually MIGHT be doing the right thing? You think he doesn't KNOW backing out of this treaty will make Europeans have to decouple from a centralized authority?

Do you think Putin would EVER make a first strike? Do you think the United States would ever again make a first strike? No, Pepe, really. There is only ONE entity who would EVER do such a thing. We've taken to referring to them as "the deep state". What if letting Europe off the hook results in NO nuclear bases in Europe and free trade among sovereign nations?

You really want to keep thinking orange man is too much of a bozo to be trying for that so much you'll forfeit lucidity to perpetuate that conceit?

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