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The death of Hugo Chavez is still reverberating throughout the southern half of this hemisphere. It is still THE calamity of the calamitous history of Latin America. More agony and loss of life has already come of it than any other event... even those too horrible to recount again.

Had the psychopaths not killed him, Russia and China would have a solid lock in trade and cooperation with all of South, and probably Central, America by now. All of them flourishing.

So. You see why he had to go.

Heart, backbone, brains, the spirit of the Bolivarian world, he was the indispensable element. Not that it took any great intelligence to figure this out. It was blinking neon. The only possible wildcard being Rafael Correa, who entirely too quickly showed there was no need to give him cancer or blow up his plane.

Weirdly... no, really... very weirdly, I feel a growing certainty that this, even for the size of the cataclysm, will end up to have been the only way to wrest some sort of true path for humanity out of the ashes of all our heinous mistakes.

Because, even when we're not murdered, humans die, and politics are ceaselessly being subverted by psychopaths. The only way out is to identify the psychopaths and disable them. I keep trying to tell you that taking money out, taking out ANY form of monetary system, is the only guarantee of freedom even for one generation. Short of that, the only other way is to have an endlessly expanding and morphing set of checks and balances to keep the psychopaths eternally busy subverting them.

Do you hear me? They may also be mortal, but their emotional and spiritual incapacities are not, their SINGLE motive is not. So long as any of them are alive, the suffering will not stop flowing toward worse for humans rather than better.

They are entropy incarnate.

The ancients called this world "Endurance" for a very good reason. Any way you try to crack it, the answer is always the same one: rise or it gets worse.

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