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Billy and I have been poring over our ballots and coordinating our attack on the forces of totalitarianism and psychopathy. We, at first, thought we were saving you from yourselves, but the rumors are starting to seep in. People asking where Nosbaracktu's big campaign got to. He seems to have crawled back into his crypt. People saying only 8% of the country is actually voting for this craziness. But I'm not finding anything.

I'm, of course, not sleeping, so I'm getting to listen to the sectors of Blueprint For Armageddon I have slept through up until now, and the folly, the murdering insanity, of psychopaths and their human lemmings is all too beautifully rendered to my ears. I do heavily advise you to go HERE and download all six episodes, if you haven't already. They will drop off the free list and you will have to go drum them up and pay for them if you wait too long.

And you want to hear in this much detail about World War I. You do. You want to know, even if you think you already do. It could even ease your unease about the insanity seeming to hold the day right now. Even if it doesn't, you will come out with a better idea of what we're dealing with out there. It was only a hundred years ago, and you can tell about the leadership of humans by humans and psychopaths, which is a crucial point of understanding to try to navigate our lives.

It did NOT end all wars.

Another good exercise, from a completely different angle, is to listen to Jocko about leadership. I never miss it, but, truly, the best ones are the ones where he's reading excerpts of books to us and providing commentary from his experience as a big deal SEAL. He even has a reading list for us, if we want to get as nuanced a view as he has, as Dan Carlin has, from that other angle.

As a born peacenik who loves our troops to bits, I want to hear this stuff, and am gobsmacked by how much there is to know that we simply do NOT know because we didn't get ANYTHING remotely like this kind of education, even us codgers who got so much better than the youngsters get.

I mean, do you want to be useful to your loved ones and community, to the world? You can't be while you're blind. You can't vote it into existence. Right now, you might be able to help give Trump a chance to drain the swamp, which IS a more worthy use of your ballot than you usually get, but, seriously, instead of pickling out in front of the boob tube, you will be fortified by spending that time on people of good will who are trying to get you something real to take with you into your next breath.

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